Delivery Box Box PrototypeThe inspiration for the Delivery Box Box wasn’t divine or impressively forward-thinking.  It was survival. Our delivery boxes were being stolen with alarming and methodical frequency. Fortunately, our thief was greedy (and, it turns out, a bit naïve), so it wasn’t long before we caught her in the act.  But she was no ordinary porch pirate: she did her perp walk on four legs with a vigorously wagging tail. Worse, there was no sign of any remorse and we feared that she was incorrigible.

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When we brought her home at 8 weeks, Pita was the quintessential rescue puppy; she required vigilant oversight and incessantly badgered her 5-year-old canine housemate. In consultation with Cleo, we affectionately nicknamed this bundle of overzealous curiosity ‘Pita’, which is an acronym for Pain In The A**. The moniker stuck, deservedly.

Necessity truly is the mother of invention. Short of locking Pita in a closet all day, we needed a practical solution. The Delivery Box Box was borne, and it has been a fixture outside our garage for a number of theft-free years. In addition to safeguarding our packages from our mischievous dog, the DBB protects deliveries from rain and snow. And there is no accumulation of packages signaling that our home is unoccupied. We’ve also found the Delivery Box Box to be handy for informal, neighborhood commerce: need to borrow the electric drill? Stop by any time and grab it from the DBB.  Dropping off the backpack that was left at school? We may not be home, so just put it in our Delivery Box Box. Outbound courier package? Call for pick-up and leave it - safely and accessibly - in the DBB.

Tempting Box outside residenceDBB outside garage

Tempting vs Not Tempting

There are other collateral benefits to the DBB. First, it’s simply fun to open the box in the evening to see if there’s a surprise inside. It’s the “You’ve Got Mail” of the home delivery era. Second, it’s often not very handy to have packages left at the front door: situate the DBB by your most frequently-used entrance. Third, there’s consistency in your delivery box location. Some couriers are more conscientious about ensuring that your parcels are left in a logical or discreet location: with a DBB, everyone knows where delivery boxes should be placed. Finally, your courier folks will love you! Drivers are constantly being accused of not delivering a parcel or leaving it exposed to foul weather. With a DBB, you won’t be calling their supervisor complaining of water-damaged online purchases.

In short order, you’ll wonder how life functioned before the DBB. 

The Delivery Box Box: Don’t leave your home without one.