Frequently Asked Questions

Should I lock my DBB? 

Hiding your packages from view is by far the most important security element that the DBB delivers.  Remember, a thief won’t know if you might be home, have a camera or if vigilant neighbor is watching so they need to decide if the risk of opening your Delivery Box Box is worth the reward.  They wouldn’t want to be caught demonstrating an intention to steal by opening your empty DBB when two houses away there is an exposed package that is a ‘sure thing’.   

How does it lock? 

The DBB is equipped with an integrated stainless steel hasp and is therefore smart-lock ready.  Alternatively one could use a simple padlock, leaving it open until a package is delivered at which point the courier could close it. 

Where should I put my DBB? 

Place your DBB where it suits you.  For example, if you park near your garage and rarely use your front door, then put it near your daily ‘path’. 

Will my courier/driver know where to put my packages? 

Your DBB will arrive with a sign requesting your courier to place your packages in your Delivery Box Box.  Mount this sign near the spot where your packages are typically left.  Your delivery person will find the DBB. 

What happens if a package arrives and my DBB is locked? 

Should this occur, then you’ll be no worse off than before you made the wise choice to purchase a DBB; on that particular day your second parcel won’t end up in your DBB. 

Can my DDB be stolen? 

Of course, but the perpetrator needs to be sufficiently confident that whatever is in your DBB is worth the trouble and risk of walking away with the entire box.  Second, if you believe that DBB theft is likely, by using screws or bolts from the inside you can secure your DBB to the most logical fixed surface.   

What is low hair cell plastic? 

Our plastic is a substantial ¼” thick, has a matte appearance and a faint texture which will hide scuffs and dust.  Don’t be confused by other plastic boxes that are thin (and light) and have many nooks and crannies that will attract unsightly dirt. 

 Isn’t it crazy that the incredibly sophisticated parcel delivery infrastructure ends with your package being tossed somewhere in front of your home? 

Yes!  Get a Delivery Box Box. 

White is my favorite color. 

The Estate 3.3 is paintable.  The (green) water-based enamel finish doubles as an excellent primer.  No need to do anything but cover the stainless steel hardware with tape and apply two coats of your favorite exterior paint.  Bear in mind that if your paint starts to degrade in a few years, your DBB can be lightly sanded (to remove loose paint) and recoated: the exterior grade wood and the aforementioned enamel finish will ensure many years of exterior hardiness.